The Mediterranean Diet on a Budget: 12 Tips That Will Save you Money

Know what a real Mediterranean diet is

A typical week of dinners would be once a week chicken, once a week pasta, 3 times a week a vegetable casserole, twice a week beans and once a week meat or fish.

Choose local and seasonal fruits and vegetables

Yes, this common knowledge, but I feel it is important to stress this even more with the Mediterranean diet. 

Use dry beans

Here in Greece there are hardly any canned beans available we use dry beans, which are very cheap. Some do not need overnight soaking and the boiling process is very simple.

Avoid ready-to-eat foods.

It is very frustrating to see snacks, ready to consume salad dressings, rice mixes all being promoted as healthy. Not only are they not, they are also pricey, and they save you only a bit of time.

Buy frozen vegetables

If you are having a hard time getting fresh vegetables, use frozen. Nobody is expecting you to go the farmer’s market everyday or grow your own vegetables.

Eggs are a fine dinner

As I have mentioned, in the Mediterranean, eggs are not typically consumed as breakfast but more so for dinner. A nice omelet along with a salad makes a good and balanced meal.

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