How to Start a Mediterranean Diet in 6 Steps

Switch to olive oil and do not skimp on it.

Olive oil is the basis of the diet and many of the benefits appear to come from the good monounsaturated fats but also the polyphenols in the olive oil.

Eat vegetables as a main course.

The high consumption of vegetables is a main characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. Greeks consume almost a pound of vegetables a day.

Learn to cook a few basic Mediterranean meals.

The Mediterranean diet is about real food. That does not mean one has to cook from scratch everyday but learning 2-3 basic dishes will greatly improve your diet.

Go vegan one or two days a week

When we look at the traditional Greek diet, the Greeks abstained from animal products about 200 days a year for religious reasons. 

Stop adding meat to everything.

I often see in recommendations for healthy eating plenty of vegetable dishes but also quite a bit of meat.

Emphasize Whole Foods:

Focus on whole, unprocessed foods. Base your meals around fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins.

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