Greens Good for the Brain -6 Greek Ways To Get Greens in Your Diet

Savory Pies 

ou can make a big batch and either make your own phyllo with olive oil (get the recipe here) or use phyllo from the store (make sure there is no vegetable oils in the ingredients). 

Spinach Rice

A comfort food that is also actually healthy. Rice is cooked until soft along with the spinach, this dish is soothing and delicious.

Eggs with Greens

Eggs are the perfect vehicle to incorporate vegetables in your meal. Whether it is an omelet or a fried egg you can get plenty of greens in.

Roasted Beans with Spinach

Beans and greens are a classic combo in Greek cuisine. You can use spinach or other greens.


This is a classic dish served in many homes and taverns. Horta is the generic Greek term for basically seasonal, mostly wild greens.

Dolma with Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is a leafy green that provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Dolma, typically made with grape leaves, can be prepared with Swiss chard for a unique and brain-healthy variation. 

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