6 Ways To Transition From a Keto Diet to the Mediterranean Diet

Start with Keto Friendly Meals. 

If you look specifically at the Greek-Mediterranean diet you will find numerous foods that are quite keto friendly, this will get you used to consuming more vegetables and good fats.

Introduce Carbohydrates with Beans.

Since you will be introducing carbohydrates in your diet again, the best way is to start eating beans.

Always Pair carbohydrates with Good fats and Protein. 

Don’t start eating carbohydrates on their own as this may lead to blood sugar fluctuations as well as increased hunger.

Reduce Meat Gradually. 

Try by reducing meat gradually: instead of 5-6 ounces reduce to 2 ounces. For more tips checkout this post for eating less meat in 5 steps.

Have Vegetable Based Meals.

The Mediterranean diet has hundreds of recipes that consist of vegetables. These vegetable main course recipes are filling, healthy and often consist of mostly vegetables.

Switch to Healthy Fats

eplace saturated and trans fats with sources of monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts. Limit the consumption of processed and unhealthy fats.

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