6 Surprising Things You Should Know Before Starting a Mediterranean Diet

It is not a free for all diet with no restrictions.

Some examples include red meat once a week, extra virgin olive oil as your main source of fat, consumption of cheese etc.

You will be consuming a generous amount of olive oil.

The fat coming from the antioxidant rich olive oil is what makes this diet palatable, easy to follow for the rest of your life.

You will be eating vegetables as a main course.

This is truly the secret of the Mediterranean diet; by eating a large plate of vegetables cooked in olive oil you will get 3-4 servings in one meal and feel satisfied. 

You will NOT be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Another misconception people have is that you have to make these complex Mediterranean dishes with dozens of ingredients.

You don’t have to eat fish or other seafood as often as you think.

The reality is that ideally you want to eat mainly fatty fish twice a week. That fish can be canned or preserved in some way.

You will be replicating a diet followed by real people 50-60 years ago.

The Mediterranean diet is NOT a diet that researchers made up, it is a naturally occurring diet.

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