20 Best Appetizers That Bacon Can Be Used To Prepare

If you are looking for a snack to present to a hungry gathering but are unsure what to serve, we would like to propose that you serve an appetizer consisting of bacon. Bacon can improve the flavor of practically anything, including appetizers, of course. It is a great way to get any party or gathering off to a good start to serve one (or several!) of these appetizers that contain bacon.

Traditional appetizers such as guacamole and deviled eggs are elevated to a whole new level of deliciousness when bacon is included in the dish. In addition, we have redesigned a great deal of appetizer recipes that introduce bacon in novel ways. Bacon Jam, Million Dollar Dip, Candied Bacon Crackers, and several other delectable treats are on the menu.

Continue reading to learn about our top picks for bacon appetizers that will be devoured in a flash and will suffice to keep any crowd content until the main course is served.

1. The Bacon Jam

The preparation of this delectable condiment requires only a few components to be assembled. As an accompaniment to crostini or crackers, or as a component of a charcuterie board, it can always be presented.

2. Crisps made with candied bacon

When combined, maple syrup and bacon produce the ideal combination of savory and sweet flavors in a single bite. Once the crackers have been baked, you have the option of sprinkling them with freshly ground black pepper.

3. Eggs of Bacon with Deviled

20 Best Appetizers That Bacon Can Be Used To Prepare

Even time-honored dishes, such as deviled eggs, can be elevated to a higher level of excellence by including bacon. The addition of an additional layer of salty taste is achieved by frying the egg halves in the bacon drippings that have been retained before filling.

4. Dip of One Million Dollars

One way to think of this recipe is as a dip version of a cheese ball that hungry visitors may easily scoop up with their hands. Only fifteen minutes are required to put it together.

5. The Poppers of Stuffed Okra

While we are aware that you have most likely heard of jalapeño poppers, we have decided to give them a slight transformation by utilizing okra as the foundation. There was no question that we continued to wrap them in bacon.

6. Goat cheese that has been whipped and topped with smoked bacon jam

We enjoy putting bacon jam over whipped goat cheese for an appealing snack that will not be forgotten for a long time. Although it can be served on its own, we also enjoy serving it in this manner. We promise that it will be discussed throughout the entire night.

7. Crackers with a Bacon Bow Tie

20 Best Appetizers That Bacon Can Be Used To Prepare

This bacon appetizer may be the simplest recipe that we have ever created. By combining just two components—bacon and crackers—it creates a snack that is sure to please a large number of people.

8. Miniature tomato sandwiches topped with bacon mayonnaise

The only cooking that is required for these little sandwiches is to allow the bacon to become crisp in a skillet. The sandwiches may be assembled in about twenty minutes. Ensure that you can locate tomatoes of sufficient quality if you are going to commit to providing this appetizer.

9. Dip on a Baked BLT

With this recipe for a dip, you can enjoy all of the flavors that you love from the traditional sandwich in a form that is ideal for a party. Therefore, to avoid missing out on the bread, serve it with toast points or crostini.

10. Crispy Jalapeño Poppers

During the process of preparing these poppers, it is highly recommended that the membrane and seeds of the jalapeños be removed to improve their mildness. You can, however, leave some of them if you wish to intensify the intensity of the situation.

11. A Guacamole with Bacon and Pimento

In addition to being one of those dishes that can easily be improved by the addition of bacon, homemade guacamole is another delicious option. The preparation of this appetizer takes only a few minutes, and it may be quickly prepared even at the eleventh hour as well.

12. Gougères made with bacon and cheese

20 Best Appetizers That Bacon Can Be Used To Prepare

The name of this appetizer may lead you to believe that it is difficult to prepare, but that is not the case. Serving them when they are still warm is something that we advocate.

13. Popper Dip with Jalapeños

Those who have a passion for cheese will find that this dip version of the traditional appetizer offers a slightly more creamy and delicious experience. There are not just one, not two, but three different kinds of cheese listed on the list of ingredients.

14. Stuffed Shrimp Skewers Wrapped in Bacon

If you are going to be using the grill to prepare the main meal, you might as well use it to prepare this wonderful appetizer as well. You may put them together and then put them in the refrigerator until you are ready to put them on the grill.

15. Potatoes encased in bacon and served with a white cheese dip

What could be more delicious than potatoes coated in bacon? The potatoes are being dipped in queso.

16. Dip made with sweet onion and bacon

Even while making this dip requires a little bit more work than purchasing a dip from the store, we believe that the extra effort is well worth it. And your guests will feel the same way as well.

17. Bites of Bacon

Because each piece contains a full slice of bacon, this appetizer recipe is a great example of how bacon can shine. However, to prevent them from sticking to the baking sheet, you need to make sure to remove them from the baking sheet as soon as possible.

18. Follow-up engines

Instead of stuffing jalapeños with a creamy and cheesy sauce, this dish involves stuffing them with shrimp and then wrapping them with bacon. For the creation of a tasty appetizer, only these three components are required.

19. The Smokies, Wrapped in Bacon

20 Best Appetizers That Bacon Can Be Used To Prepare

The perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors can be found in this snack, even though it only requires five ingredients to make. Red pepper flakes can be sprinkled over the smokies right before they are baked, according to your preference for a little amount of heat.

20. Dip made with pepper-pepper cheese

Simple stirring is all that is required to bring this dip recipe to a successful conclusion. For the topping, you should make sure to set aside half of the pepper jelly and some bacon that you have reserved. When the flavor of this dip begins to bubble, you will know that it is ready to be removed from the oven.

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